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The aims and objectives of the Pomeroy One Name Study is to research the origins of bearers of the name today, to relate those names to the social history of their times and where possible, to find the locations of those names from the social history of their times. 

The objectives are, if desirable and of interest, to publish in some form the results of these researches and to also produce a one name newsletter.

To organize a gathering  for those of this family who have a common interest in their history.   

To maintain a register of the family genealogy, under the methodology of the Guild of One Name Studies. 

To provide for the eventual support of the documents resulting from this study. 

PFA Gathering 2016

PFA Gathering 2016


Membership is open to those who are interested in the name and who are researching their pedigree, whether they carry the name or not.  Use the "Contact" link for more information.